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Welcome to Auchrin.

With the Emperor’s death, chaos reigns supreme in the lands of Auchrin. With no heir, many lords and ambitious individuals have staked claims on the lands, fracturing what once was a kingdom that spanned the known world.

Twenty years have passed in these fractured lands, with no sign of any one kingdom having lawful claim to the Empire. In the lawlessness and constant changing of lands, goblins, orcs, kobolds, and many other foul creatures have reclaimed lands taken from them long ago, in campaigns long forgotten.

The only signs of stability are the Guilds that survived the Empire. Contracts with the Champions are still made across the lands. Writs from the Thieves and Assassins’s guilds are still treated with the same reluctant acceptance in every kingdom. The Circle, Academy, and Glades are still allowed to practice their mystical trades, as long as they carry a permit.

Some still hold out hope that the lost heir, Aeden Pridehorn. Others believe the world is doomed to the never ending conflicts that now plague the Fractured Lands.

Home Page

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